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Innovation requires your employees to collaborate seamlessly, even in hybrid environments. Read how we can help you use Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone to connect users across the globe with intuitive communication and features. #MicroosftTeams #TeamsPhone #collaboration #hybridwork

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SLB customer story

“Giving our workforce this freedom to connect with Teams and Teams Phone, along with rich content-sharing and collaborative capabilities, is part of the employee experience we want our people to have every day.” See how companies like SLB improve the employee experience by providing tools that support seamless communication and collaboration in Microsoft Teams and

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Low-code: One of the best investments for IT departments in 2023

Help IT departments drive efficiency gains by expediting development so you can realize faster time to value on your investments.   With our expertise, you’ll receive curated and personalized guidance that fits your business and ensures your IT departments are optimizing automation efforts.    Check out this blog to understand more about how Power Platform

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Teams Phone

Calling, chatting, and meetings are essential to business success, but disconnected communication apps can make it difficult to establish seamless processes. We help you simplify and maximize your communication by deploying Microsoft Teams Phone, the most productive phone system built into Microsoft Teams. Download our infographic to learn more about modernizing communication in the cloud

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Power Platform and AI CIO Whitepaper

Power Platform allows all levels of users to participate in the creation of digital business solutions, elevating your IT department to administrators and accelerating the pace of development.    Copilot in Power Platform enables business users to accelerate development while getting the best use of the data in the apps that they already use.  Learn more

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Jaguar Land Rover creates continuity with Power Platform

When Jaguar Land Rover was pursuing ways to harness technology, transform operations, and improve productivity, they turned to Microsoft Power Platform to lead the way. With low-code solutions their teams were empowered to design, develop, and deliver global results that streamlined manual processes and automated repetitive tasks. The impact—multiple solutions developed in-house that have revolutionized

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Will AI Fix Work?

The pace of work has increased, meaning that employees need solutions that reduce the time spent on manual work and revolutionize their focus on high-impact work.  Check out Microsoft’s Work Trend Index to see how AI technologies relieve the burden and help workers be more productive. #AI #artificialintelligence

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Teams Essentials Focus on What Matters Infographic

Is your team bogged down by having to search through disconnected communication and collaboration apps to get work done and provide updates? We can help empower your employees to work smarter, faster, and more effectively when you deploy Microsoft Teams Essentials with a trusted service provider.  #MicrosoftTeams #hybridwork #collaboration  

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Optimize your business with Microsoft Power Automate – YouTube

The Copilot feature in Power Platform unlocks low-code automation to ensure your data and business intelligence streams are optimized and working for you. Let us guide you through a library of pre-built plugins that – when strung together into dynamic workflows – can be quickly published to start having immediate impact on your users’ capabilities

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Power Virtual Agents Copilot: Generative Actions

Are you ready to advance your business intelligence into the automation age? With Copilot in Power Platform, you have access to a library of pre-built plugins that can be strung together into dynamic workflows that can be quickly published to start having immediate impact on your user’s capabilities and customers’ experience. Act now and see

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