Sample Curriculum – MS Teams

Based on our experience and the features of the solution being trained, we start with a curriculum that will address the majority of an organization’s need to drive adoption and train users.  Let us tailor our content and delivery to meet your specific needs.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Teams

  • What is Office 365 
  • Understanding the Cloud 
  • Navigating in Office 365 

Lesson 2: Overview of Office Apps

  • What are Apps and how they work with Teams 
  • Overview of Forms 
  • Overview of Planner 
  • Overview of Office 365 (OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Overview of Stream 
  • Overview of Whiteboard 

Lesson 3: Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Navigating the Teams User Interface 
  • Using Teams in a Web Browser vs. the Teams Desktop Application 
  • Understanding Status Indicators 
  • Sharing Your Status 
  • Updating Your Preferences 
  • Managing Notifications 
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Lesson 4: Chatting will Colleagues (1 to 1)

  • Creating Private Chats 
  • Sharing and collaborating on files 
  • Creating a Workspace 
  • Starting an Ad-Hoc Meeting via Chat 

Lesson 5: Chatting with Work Groups (1 to Many)

  • Starting a Group Chat 
  • Viewing Activity Threads 
  • Adding People to a Chat – Choose History Inclusion 
  • Starting an Ad-Hoc Meeting via Conversations 
  • Creating a Workspace 
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Lesson 6: Creating a Team

  • What are Teams and Channels 
  • Adding Members 
  • Assigning Team Owners 
  • Setting Teams Preferences 

Lesson 7: Working with Channels

  • Creating Channels 
  • Private vs. Public Channels (Communicating with FTEs)  
  • Favoriting and Following Channels 
  • Managing Channel Notifications 
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Lesson 8: Communicating in Teams

  • Understanding Conversation Threads 
  • Using @mentions  
  • Responding to a Thread 
  • Creating an Announcement and Multi-Channel Posts 
  • Liking & Saving a Message 
  • Mark a Message Unread 

Lesson 9: Storing and Managing Your Files

  • Saving and Uploading Files to OneDrive 
  • Sharing and Collaborating on SharePoint Files with Peers 
  • Adding a File to a Custom Tab in Channels 
  • Collaborating on a file Real-Time 
    • Sharing from OneDrive or Local Device 
    • Edit in Teams, the Browser or Desktop Application 
  • Managing file access in Chat and Teams 
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Lesson 10: Creating Meetings and Calls

  • Using Teams for Audio and Video Calls 
  • Internal vs External Meetings 
  • Creating Meetings/Conference Calls in Teams 
    • Internal Meetings 
    • External Meetings 
    • Channel Meetings 
  • Creating Meetings/Conference Calls in Outlook 
  • Using the Scheduling Assistant 
  • Viewing and Sharing Meeting Details  
  • Using OneNote for Meetings 
  • Customizing Meeting Options 
  • Editing a Meeting 
  • Cancelling a Meeting 

Lesson 11: Participating in Meetings and Calls

  • Navigating the Meeting Window 
    • Joining Calls 
    • Sharing Content 
  • Managing Your Audio and Video 
    • Configuring your devices 
    • Sharing your Video 
    • Blurring or customizing Your Background 
  • Presenting and Sharing Content 
    • Share Desktop, Screen or Presentation 
  • Viewing and Managing Participants 
  • Using Reactions 
  • Participating in Meeting Chat  
  • Recording your meetings 
  • Desktop vs Online experiences 

Lesson 12: Using Breakout Rooms in Teams Meetings

  • Create breakout rooms 
  • Assign people to breakout rooms manually 
  • Rename the breakout rooms 
  • Start using the breakout rooms 
  • Interact with breakout room participants 
  • Close breakout rooms 
  • Additional options 
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Lesson 13: Customizing the Teams Pane

  • Sorting Your Teams Pane 
  • Hiding and Showing Teams 

Lesson 14: Finding Content in Teams

  • Finding Chats, Files and People 
  • Quickly access content, people, or shortcuts using Search (/) 
  • Using the Feed Filter 
  • Viewing Your Activity Feed 
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