The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Teams Calling Solutions

Boost nonprofit mission momentum by modernizing telephony Nonprofits use as much of their funds as possible to directly benefit their mission. Telephony is one area where you can significantly reduce your administrative overhead while improving internal and external communications. Instead of traditional technology that needs specialized equipment and management skills, you can take advantage of

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Get started with Teams Phone in Microsoft Teams”

Realize progress toward nonprofit mission success by taking one single step Consider Microsoft Teams as your all-in-one communications and collaboration solution. It’s a cloud-based technology that’s extremely robust and secure. The screens look and feel like Microsoft 365 applications you may already use. With Teams, you can connect with anybody, anywhere, on practically any device.

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Gated social

Are you ready for a reimagined frontline experience? Provide your frontline workers with the tools they need to automate repetitive processes and gain valuable insights to help your business run more efficiently and smoothly.  Sign up for our mailing list and learn how to empower your frontline with the right technology so you can do

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Hermes Fulfilment: Heading into the Future Together

Hermes Fulfilment GmbH knows that the only way to engage its frontline employees is with technology that can be operated easily and intuitively, which is why they chose Microsoft Teams.  Hermes uses Microsoft Teams to reach frontline employees, while administrative staff offer their support and experience in all matters related to the company’s digital transformation. 

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Watch Keeping Frontline Workers Engaged

Your frontline is your lifeline.   Across industries, companies are challenged with retaining and hiring talent. How can technology provide flexibility and keep your frontline engaged?   Scarlet Fu sat down with Chief People Officer Katy George from McKinsey & Company to find out what can be done to entice frontline workers to stick with these important

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Let’s stay connected!

Transform your business to deliver the exceptional experiences your customers demand with real-time feedback from the frontline.   Sign up for our mailing and we’ll show you how to make your frontline your competitive advantage. Let’s stay connected! 

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Gain real-time insights

Let go of legacy systems and practices and transform your frontline with proven solutions and real-time insights that lead to success for your customers and your business. Talk to one of our experts. We help businesses like yours boost their productivity and transform their frontline to work smarter, not harder

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