Sample Curriculum – MS Outlook

Based on our experience and the features of the solution being trained, we start with a curriculum that will address the majority of an organization’s need to drive adoption and train users.  Let us tailor our content and delivery to meet your specific needs.

  • Navigating in Microsoft Outlook
  • Creating an Email Signature
  • Creating and Managing Messages
  • Working with Conversations
  • Creating and Managing Appointments
  • Creating and Managing Meetings
  • Creating and Managing Contacts
  • Creating and Managing Tasks
  • Creating and Organizing Notes
  • Using the Recycle Bin
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  • Organizing with Folders
  • Flagging Items for Follow Up
  • Quickly Create Times
  • Organizing with Categories
  • Organize with Quick Steps
  • Creating and Managing Rules
  • Creating and Customizing Views
  • Searching for Messages, People and Tasks
  • Creating and Customizing Search Folders
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  • Creating Additional Accounts in Outlook
  • Customizing Signatures for Email Accounts
  • Automating Mail Tasks with Rules
  • Creating Automatic Replies
  • Create Messages by Using Quick Parts
  • Enhancing Messages with Themes, Styles and Links
  • Adding Tracking and Voting Options
  • Using Advanced Options in Messages
  • Configuring Junk Email and Clutter Settings
  • Configure Auto Archive Settings
  • Delegating Access to Your Email
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  • Creating Calendar Items from Messages
  • Creating a Recurring Event or Meeting
  • Customizing Your Calendar
  • Create and Manage Multiple Calendars
  • Using Web Calendars
  • Sharing a Calendar
  • Set Free or Busy Status for Calendar Items
  • Flagging a Contact
  • Sharing Contacts
  • Using Contact Groups
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