Sample Curriculum – MS Word

Based on our experience and the features of the solution being trained, we start with a curriculum that will address the majority of an organization’s need to drive adoption and train users.  Let us tailor our content and delivery to meet your specific needs.

  • Navigate in Microsoft Word
  • Create and Save Word Documents
  • Manage Your Workspace
  • Edit Documents
  • Preview and Print Documents
  • Customize the Word Environment
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  • Character vs Paragraph Formatting
  • Control Paragraph Layout
  • Apply Borders and Shading
  • Applying Styles
  • Make Repetitive Edits
  • Apply Repetitive Formatting
  • Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks
  • Creating Custom Styles
  • Finding and Replacing Styles
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  • Display Text in Bulleted or Numbered Lists
  • Sort a List
  • Format a List
  • Insert a Table
  • Modify a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Convert Text to a Table
  • Create and Modify Text Styles
  • Create Custom List or Table Styles
  • Apply Document Themes
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  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters
  • Add Images to a Document
  • Add WordArt and Other Text Effects
  • Draw Shapes
  • Create Illustrations with SmartArt
  • Adjust Image Appearance
  • Add a standard Watermark
  • Add a custom Watermark
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  • Control Paragraph Flow
  • Insert Section Breaks
  • Insert Columns
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Control Page Layout
  • Add a Watermark
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  • Add Captions
  • Add Cross-References
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Use Research Tools
  • Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Add Citations and a Bibliography
  • Check Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
  • Check Accessibility
  • Save a Document to Other Formats
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  • Sort Table Data
  • Control Cell Layout
  • Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Create a Chart
  • Add an Excel Table to a Word Document (Optional)
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  • Create a Document Using a Template
  • Create and Modify a Template
  • Manage Templates with the Template Organizer
  • Insert Building Blocks
  • Create and Modify Building Blocks
  • Insert Fields Using Quick Parts
  • Insert standard content with Auto-Correct
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  • Insert Blank and Cover Pages
  • Insert an Index
  • Insert a Table of Contents
  • Insert an Ancillary Table
  • Manage Outlines
  • Create a Master Document
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  • Prepare a Document for Collaboration
  • Enabling Track Changes
  • Insert Comments
  • Respond/Reply to a Comment
  • Marking a Comment as a Task
  • Mark Up a Document
  • Review Markups
  • Merge Changes from Other Documents
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