Protect your endpoints with top EDR software

Companies must now consider endpoint detection and response software (EDR) with AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as threat intelligence databases, to function in a safer, evolving digital environment. However, most of the features users expect from popular EDR tools, such as device control, advanced threat targeting, and rollback, are either unavailable or require

2022-05-31T16:30:00-07:00May 31st, 2022|

The new normal: Hybrid work means greater focus on endpoint security

We used to think of network security as a perimeter issue, but with so many endpoints, the perimeter no longer exists. Employees now work from various locations using different devices, making it is close to impossible for any single IT team to confirm that they're using protection mechanisms. Employees require safe, versatile endpoint experiences to

2022-05-25T16:30:00-07:00May 25th, 2022|

Strengthening connection with remote communities with Windows 365

Nunavut, located in the northernmost region of Canada, has a large population under the age of 25, distributed across remote communities with no connecting roads. The IT team in Nunavut’s government collaborated with Microsoft on a pilot rollout of Windows 365 to help maintain remote government operations during COVID-19 and as part of a larger

2022-05-17T16:30:00-07:00May 17th, 2022|

What Will Manufacturing’s New Normal Be After COVID-19?

Historically, industries have been shaped long-term by the short-term changes taken during global crises. Disruptions introduced by COVID-19 are already showing signs of accelerating long-term changes. This thought leadership piece explains several trends and major shifts in manufacturing that may result from short-term responses to the pandemic.

2022-05-13T16:30:00-07:00May 13th, 2022|

ABB takes innovation to the next level. Education from Microsoft Consulting Services is the plan

Microsoft is helping ABB maximize their digital transformation by connecting manufacturing solutions to innovative cloud capabilities. But Microsoft doesn’t stop there. Microsoft Consulting Services has helped ABB transform their staff with educational resources to improve customer experiences and opportunities. Learn how Microsoft has helped ABB transform their capabilities and drive staff expertise.

2022-05-06T16:30:00-07:00May 6th, 2022|

Securing the New World of Work

Security has become a key element of competitive advantage. Secure access and identity are front and centre of our online world, with the focus on making security as frictionless as possible. A successful security strategy needs a multidisciplinary approach team and approach. Discover how to drive trust and agility in a complex and distributed digital

2022-05-04T16:30:00-07:00May 4th, 2022|

Microsoft proof points for manufacturing

This infographic introduces the unique features that set Microsoft apart, including the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings, leadership in hybrid cloud solutions, and being on the leading edge of technological development. Microsoft has hundreds of thousands of partners and is the industry leader in IoT solutions.

2022-05-03T16:30:00-07:00May 3rd, 2022|
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