When you need flexibility

Leverage our access to a network of geographically distributed data centers.

If public cloud providers like Azure or AWS dont meet your need, or if you need to leverage a hybrid public and private cloud architecture, we can help you navigate that journey.  Whether its moving completely from your premise to a local data center, or simply splitting off some resources, if you want to own your servers and use a colocation space or simply want to outsource your infrastructure – your choices today are more extensive that ever before.

You have options

Choices and options for your infrastructure extend beyond what was available even just recently.  Nor are organizations locked into just moving to the cloud in an all or nothing approach.  Today you can plan your move, take  advantage of the benefits based on business need, timing and budget.

  • Reduce your risk profile  and costs
    • easier to meet compliance requirements
    • leverage security
    • Built in redundancy
    • leverage better cost profile for space, power and cooling
    • may be able to repurpose your staff to greater value activities
  • Extend your team
    • leverage our expertise and network of partners
    • gain flexibility via access to experts
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Perhaps you dont want to move to Azure or AWS, or your business needs require a local data center but you don’t have or want to maintain the staff or knowledge to manage servers.  Our team of experts and partners give you the ability to operate from world class data centers that meet the highest levels of audit and security without the capital costs of traditional colocation or on premise data rooms.

  • a team of experts operates and manages your infrastructure
  • all the benefits of security and redundancy found with colocation
  • flexibility of a private cloud or shared public cloud environment
  • advantage of fast expansion to respond to business needs
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When your business requirements require or allow for a hybrid approach where you are able to leverage Cloud providers such as Azure or AWS for some needs but a local data center would be helpful or required then a hybrid approach that mixes these technologies is a good solution.

  • leverage experts to architect the best solution
  • benefit from and leverage both Capital and Operational expense profiles
  • use as a transition state as part of a broader digital transformation
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