Right sized incident management and disaster recovery

  • Any time a natural disaster or major IT outage occurs, it increases executive awareness and internal pressure to create an incident management (IM) or disaster recovery (DR) plan
  • Traditional IM or DRP templates are onerous and result in a lengthy, dense plan that may satisfy auditors but are not effective in a crisis
  • The myth that IM or DRP is only for major events exposes and makes you vulnerable to more common incidents that can be just as disruptive to your business
  • Using outsourced infrastructure services means your vendors and partners are key players in meeting recovery timeline objectives

Our perspective and insight

  • Fundamentally, managing and recovering from incidents and events is about ensuring service continuity
  • Your plans must be used for both isolated and catastrophic events
  • We all know about Murphy’s Law, stuff happens
  • Critical success is achieved by focusing on improving overall resiliency and recovery, rather than basing plans and actions on selected events driven by a risk probability analysis
  • Cost-effective IM & DRP to maintain service continuity starts with identifying what is truly mission critical so you can focus resources accordingly

Key results

  • Define what is acceptable for service downtime and data loss based on the impact to the business
  • Document an incident response plan that captures all of the steps from event detection to a return to normal operations
  • Create a roadmap to close gaps between current capabilities and your acceptable downtime

Create a right sized plan for your business

  • Use our process and templates to jump start your ability to respond seamlessly to incidents and events
  • Follow a blueprint to create an actionable plan and process by following a proven methodology
    • define scope, current status, and dependencies
    • conduct a business impact analysis
    • identify and address gaps in the recovery workflow
    • complete, extend, and maintain your plan

Have an incident now?

  • Are you experiencing an incident or events now and need help getting through it
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