SMB MSFT Teams Day In The Life

Don’t miss out on new business opportunities due to disconnected communication systems. As a trusted Microsoft Partner we can help you provide your sellers with the tools they need to build better customer relationships from the first interaction with Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone. Download our infographic to see how. #MicrosoftTeams #TeamsPhone #clientrelationships

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How FUJIFILM Business Innovation is leading in the digital era

FUJIFILM is transforming its business structure by staying ahead of change with help from #MicrosoftAzure and #Dynamics 365. Learn how they built an AI system for #CashApplication to reduce manual workload and increase their return on investment through automation and digitization. Read the full article here:

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How To Host More Effective Remote Meetings

Is your organization getting the most out of your online meetings? With more employees working from home or in the field, small and mid-sized businesses need solutions that optimize virtual collaboration. Check out this Forbes article to see how you can host more effective remote meetings. #hybridwork #virtualmeetings #remotework

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Enterprise-Grade App Development on Dataverse

Dataverse enables a new, easy-to-use developer environment that gives users access to tools that make building apps and automating actions as easy as Excel. Features include plugins for reusable formulas, stored procedures, in-app notifications, and easy chat integration.  Now, your developers can accelerate innovation and deploy solutions faster than ever.  #dataverse #microsoft #lowcode #development 

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Work Trend Index Annual Report. Will AI Fix Work?

Businesses worldwide are feeling the crunch of increasing digital debt even as they undergo a seismic shift to AI. The need for adaptation is urgent, and questions about how to achieve it are valid. But there are hopeful signs too, as workers grow less apprehensive about their future and more favorable toward an AI-as-copilot future.

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Power your apps with large-scale AI models

Use #generativeAI models with deep understanding of language and code to build cutting-edge apps. #Azure #OpenAIService can help unlock new insights to personalized business needs such as writing assistance, code generation, and applying principles of responsibility to content moderation. Go over the infographic to learn more

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Sulava customer story

“While Teams meetings are essential to all aspects of our business, most of our meetings are with customers. We need the best technology available to make a great impression, whether we’re delivering training, demonstrating our work, or selling new services.”  Discover why Sulava chose Microsoft Teams Premium to deliver high-quality virtual meeting experiences for participants

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Ardent Mills customer story

Ardent Mills needed solutions that increased efficiency and impacted productivity without disrupting decades of data and distributed systems. Low-code solutions enabled by Power Platform allowed them to extend their legacy systems and implement paperless processes that maintained the integrity of their global processes and ensured their business will continue running smoothly for decades to come.

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Navigating the Future of Work E-book

Small and mid-sized businesses must identify a solution to address increased reliance on virtual collaboration, evolving employee expectations of hybrid work, and increased security threats.  Download our e-book to see how we can guide you through modernizing and protecting your hybrid work environments with Microsoft Teams. #Microsoftpartner #MicrosoftTeams #collaboration 

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