Mobile App Development

Every day, mobile apps are intensively used by any smartphone user. Whether you have a small or large business, having a mobile app will further your clients and employees involvement within your company. Accessibility is crucial in any organization, a mobile app is a great way to keep society engaged.

Mobile apps are the future. Bross Group accommodates all aspects of application architecture, including SharePoint mobility, cross-platform native apps, and mobile web apps. Owning your own app brings an amazing degree of flexibility. Users can access the software at any time, from anywhere, with any platform.

Corporate Social

Corporate social networking allows you to follow ideas, projects, and metadata throughout the enterprise, all through the convenience of an app. This is not traditional social networking where people are the focus. Instead, this is corporate social networking where information is the focus. With corporate social networking, content becomes socialized rather than people. A mobile app provides your organization with unprecedented collaboration and communication on-the-go. Apps can store and report trends, concepts and projects through a single portal, all accessible to every employee on their personal device. Corporate social takes the best of social networking and makes it productive, delivering the most immediate collective knowledge in the enterprise.