Association Specific Experience Matters!

Bross Group, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is an IT consulting firm committed to your associations’ success. Bross Group is a leader in providing association specific technology resources, solutions, and strategy. Committed to your success is a result of years of experience helping non-profits and associations align mission with the strategy using technology.

Associations serve their members and “customers” in a special way unique from other organizations. Technology should be an enabler for an organization. Too often this is not the case for an organization, technology is an impediment to agility but the organization is unable to resolve or breakthrough the barriers to effective utilization of technology.

Our experience with associations enables us to bring to bear the expertise applicable to the unique needs of your organization while leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in multiple industries – thus allowing you to benefit from proven methods as well as the newest approaches to business transformation and optimization. Bross Group’s portfolio of service offerings benefits associations by allowing you to focus on what is core to your business and remove distractions.



Association Management Systems (AMS)

Selection of the appropriate AMS for your organization is critical to the operating efficiency of your organization. There are many AMS solutions on the market. Selecting the appropriate system, identifying integrations and impacts to your operating processes can be overwhelming.

  • What features are needed, what is best for you?
  • Where is technology going, what trends will impact you in the future?
  • How will you manage the organizational change?
  • What integrations are needed for success?
  • What budget options do you want to take advantage of?


Bross Group has a proven methodology to help you decide and manage the process of switching or upgrading your AMS. With association specific experience, providing a proven track record of delivery, you can trust Bross Group to assist in your AMS decision or implementation. Bross Group provides the following services specific to your association’s AMS needs:

  • Creating a selection process (involves workshops with leadership to determine what is best for your association)
  • Comparative tool to narrow AMS choices
  • Integration with current systems and possible future systems
  • Ongoing support to ensure your technology works with your AMS
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Project management of the process and change management
  • Total cost of ownership analysis

Technology Assessment

Strategic Alignment and Revitalization (STAR) is a practical assessment of your IT technology—a jumping off point on the road to optimizing your IT infrastructure, freeing you to concentrate on driving your business forward and leaving us to deal with your daily IT headaches.

A Bross Group STAR assessment uniquely focuses on your organization’s future objectives. Assessments comprise a comprehensive review of your current IT assets including:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Management and Staff
  • Business Applications
  • Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Overall Process
  • Outputs from STAR capture the current and future states of your business in the format of an actionable roadmap. The process highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your people, processes, and technologies.

We analyze data collected from your IT workflows before:

  • Recommending improvements to the quality and effectiveness of your IT environment
  • Developing a plan to overcome weaknesses, deficiencies, and short-comings
  • Developing a strategy to revitalize and innovate the desired state

Analytic Solutions

Make your data work for you

Don’t just collect information and run reports. See how to put your data to work for you and create predictive analytic models to retain membership, predict sales patterns, increase planning efficiency, and much more.

What can predictive analytic solutions do?

  • Organize your data
  • Give trend analysis of membership
  • Power to anticipate when a member is at risk of leaving
  • Automated alerts of when a member is at risk

Predict when and why your members are staying or leaving!

Membership organizations have a common problem, gaining and retaining members. On average, 37.7% of association revenue comes from membership dues. Most organizations collect large amounts of data from members and don’t maximize the use of it.