River Island Responds to Changing Tides in Retail with Microsoft Teams and Connected Devices

In today’s fast-paced world, how do companies preserve a people-first culture while embracing modernization? When store leaders at River Island needed a more efficient way to streamline scheduling and task delegation while keeping workers on the shop floor and in front of customers, they turned to Microsoft Solutions, and got even more than they asked for. 

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Transition to Cloud with Microsoft 365

Be more productive from anywhere, secure your business with technology you can trust, and get one cost-effective solution for secure collaboration. Microsoft 365 is uniquely positioned to help you build more resilience, streamline IT operations, consolidate vendors, and enable higher employee productivity. Check out an infographic illustrating how to empower users with devices designed to

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Let’s Stay Connected

Concise communication, integration, and on-the-go accessibility are why organizations are increasingly choosing to rely on apps. Sign up for our mailing list and learn how connecting your line-of-business apps to industry devices can empower your frontline workers to do what they do best. 

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Korean biopharma company enters into the next phase with big tech

Microsoft’s ‘modern workplace’ is a hybrid business model that makes use of cloud-based Microsoft 365 tools and services to create an agile system that can help any company evolve. IT leaders are embracing modern by doing the following: migrating company data and tools to the cloud; moving from classic to modern SharePoint; flattening site architecture

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Progressive Harnesses Fusion Development Using Power Virtual Agents to Build “Cloudie”

Empower your frontline workforce with digital assistance using intelligent conversational bots – whether it's to receive live actionable updates or general guidance.   If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, your employees can already easily build bots for use within Teams at no extra charge—perfect for employee FAQs and HR tasks.   Read how a two-person team at

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Transition to Cloud with Microsoft Teams

Cloud transformation has become a top priority for industries. A recent survey showed 80% of customers intend to accelerate their digital transformation and 60% indicate security and compliance budgets have gone up to better defend customer’s infrastructures in these remote or hybrid work scenarios. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork that helps drive more

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